Gym newbies

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Your first time walking into a gym can be scary. Your first time walking into the gym overweight, is petrifying.  Luckily nowadays there’s so many different ways to ease you into the gym whether it’s your first time ever, or your first time back again in 10 years.  

1 month fitness programs

There are so many different types of 3 month fitness programs out there  In fact over the past few years they have dominated magazines and blogs.  However, whilst 8 or 12 weeks long programs work and are effective, you can accomplish the same thing in 4 weeks. A month long program will get you over the hump period and ready for a lifetime gym membership.

My favourite 4 week long gym workout routine is by Muscle and Fitness. It takes you from  zero to hero in just under a month, and gets you comfortable enough to keep on coming to the gym afterwards.  It’s also great if you want to put in a little bit of extra time at the gym before a big holiday or party.  

fitness program

3 month fitness programs.

The next type of fitness program is the 3 month or 12 week program.  The 12 week program is great for people who have an event like a race or fitness event coming up and want to make sure that they are in their best possible shape.  They are also great for people who are more nervous heading to the gym and want to have 3 months of fitness planned out for them.

If you are interested in running then check out 12 week programs such as couch to 5K, which gets you up and ready to run a 30 min 5K race in just under 12 weeks.