Get Ready for the Gym

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Hey everyone, Shane here again with another post for my sports and fitness blog. Has anyone taken my advice from a previous post and started heading to the gym yet? Well if not, then I have another post to try and encourage you to get fit. This post will be dealing with getting ready for the gym, specifically making sure that you have a gym outfit that can get sweaty and stinky. I used a that has the best prices online for workout clothing and then they are at my door within a day. Now come on, let’s get ready to get fit!

Top-Compression Top

When you go to workout, you want to sweat. Sweating is you burning calories and that means losing weight, so sweating is especially good when you are trying to slim down. That is why I used compression tops, they keep my body hot enough to constantly sweat but I don’t get heavy and wet from the sweat as the shirt wicks it away. Personally I like to wear Under Armour compression tops like these one which are the best I have found.

 compression shirt

Bottom-Yoga Pants/Leggings

Yep, leggings are even good for the guys out there. A good pair of legging will help to keep your muscles in an optimal position, and the form fitting helps with maintaining a high body temperature just like with the tops. Some companies make yoga pants for working out, whereas some are more of a casual type of clothes. Abercrombie and Fitch makes some good ones for actual work outs, and you can find the best ones at cheap prices on

Shoes-Running shoes or nothing

Now, this is where people will have a differing of opinions. If you are going to the gym and lifting weights, using the machines and other lively exercise, then definitely get some lightweight running shoes. However if your workout is more of a class type situation, then you might want to be barefoot. In aerial yoga for example, you should be barefoot.  

running shoes


If you are planning on having a good workout, invest in some sweatbands. You can get ones for your head, or your arms, or your legs even depending on what your find more irritating. I always have issues with the sweat dripping down my arms onto my hands, so the ones I have go on my upper arms. You can make these yourself out of old sports socks, but if you are not that frugal website like have a great selection.

head and arm sweatband

You are all set! Pack everything into a bag, and go work out! You will feel amazing afte, it always happens. If you feel like I missed anything important then post a comment and I will get to it as quickly as possible. For our new readers, kindly check out my last post about gym newbies for a refresher guide to the gym. See you all again soon!