Aerial Yoga

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Aerial Yoga, or anti-gravity yoga as it is also known as, is a newish type of yoga (2000’s onwards) that combines traditional yoga moves and poses, as well as dance and pilates with a hammock.   

The hammock, acting like a swing or trapeze, supports your hips during forward and back bends; making certain poses much easier to achieve during anti gravity yoga.  This includes poses such as the reverse post, which otherwise are seen as very advanced yoga positions.  For a beginner your hammock will only be suspended 3 or so feet above the ground to minimize any risk of injury.  The hammocks height can also be adjusted based on your own height, expertise level and comfort.

Aerial yoga

Great benefits that Aerial Yoga provide are :

Greater Flexibility

With the greater freedom of movement that the hammock allows you can get a deeper and better stretch than other forms of Yoga


Due to the more challenging nature of Aerial Yoga you will be more alert and aware of your movements as you won’t be as used to being suspended.

Muscle Strengthening.

The effect of gravity on your body cus your muscles to work harder.  It’s also great for your core muscles.

Stress busting

The variety of poses you will acheive in an Aerial Yoga class are great for relieving stress.

Although there isn’t enough clinical trials to support Aerial yoga over traditional yoga; Aerial yoga is regularly touted as being great for your health and fitness.  This is because it combines all of the great health and emotional benefits of traditional yoga, with the facilitated bending and stretching as well as muscle, joint and spinal decompression that Aerial Yoga provides.